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Licensed in North Dakota , South Dakota , Montana , Wyoming and Colorado
Please Drive Carefully and Remember to Move Over We Love our Drivers and it's the Law. 
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Can I get a quote ?    
Yes ; call or Email us with your request and we will be happy to give you a quote. We accept Visa ,Master card, Discover, Cash, local checks, travels checks.
Does it cost more to have a car towed at night ?
Yes ; if you can have it towed in the day time it will save you a $20 night charge.
What if I had to leave my car on the roadside , will the police have it towed ?
If you break down on the roadside and have to leave your vehicle , call the police , sheriff's dept. or Highway Patrol  and tell them you are making arrangements to have it removed so they don't have it towed. If you can leave a message on the window telling them how you are making arrangements this will help an officer who happens upon it.
I went into the ditch and some damage was done to my car , do I need to notify the police?
South Dakota codified law ( click here to read the law) states that any property damage done in excess of $1,000 to any one persons property , i.e. auto , needs to be reported to the police. Of course if you did any damage to someone else's property ( click here for the law on damage to someone else's property ) you must contact the police , Wyo. and Montana as well as other states have similar laws.
I had to leave my car unattended , did you tow my car without me knowing it ?
No; We don't tow vehicles from anywhere without the owners permission.
Will you tow someone else's car parked in my parking spot ?
No; we require the owners permission.
Will you tow my car even though I had to leave it and am no longer with it.
Yes; if you make arrangements for payment we would be happy to tow an unattended vehicle.
Do you have room for my family to ride ?
Yes ; we custom build our trucks for the purpose of serving you better.
Can you store my vehicle until I can get back to it or have the insurance adjuster look at it ?
Yes ; call or Email us for storage prices , or go to our rates page.
If we have AAA can we call you direct ?
No ; AAA South Dakota and AAA Wyoming and Montana have become part of a larger AAA service provider group, and we must now recieve our dispatches through their online portal. click here for AAA assistance
Will we get a copy of what you charged AAA for my service call ?
No; we don't make tickets or receipts for AAA. We have a closed contract with AAA and they figure up the amount of each service call and send us a check every 2 weeks.
Can we go straight to you and send the bill to AAA for reimbursment ?
You may pay us directly and apply for reimbursement through AAA , however the amount you are reimbursed is at AAAs discretion and  seldom covers the entire service. We recommend you call AAA to have us dispatched.1-800-AAA-help or contact AAA online      
Do you have other contracts ( insurance companies etc. ) which we may have coverage through ?
Yes we do ; however they are very complicated and usually consumer specific . There are a few insurance companies that allow us to bill them directly rather than you paying us. You would need to call Our Office with your policy number so we can verify coverage.